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Insight on VibeShttOnly Creative Director Michael Rivero AKA Vibe Mike.

What made you get started in the entertainment industry in terms of directing a music video?

" I met VibeShttOnly's frontman TracksbyRoc in Summer 16 in Harlem at Fat Joe's UP NYC grand opening and got my foot in the industry by designing jewelry for him. I got invited to some studio sessions and witnesses his talents, work ethics, and vibe with the refreshing sounds he was putting out. I connected with the VibeShttOnly movement and wanted to get involved so he gave me the opportunity to produce some merch and design the stage for our sick ass "Don't F**k Up my Vibe" show at SOB's in New York this past summer. I was able to get some creative control towards aspects surrounding Roc's music after that and we collaborated and eventually came up with the vision for Wxld Vxbes vid."

Now, the video you put out is a great piece of art, the transitions were amazing, the shots were well put. Were people surprised at the fact that it was your first directed music video and how well it flowed?

"Yeah definitely, we received popping feedback on the video, but I definitely got humbled by the process of putting together a visual. Ultimately, I felt like my job was creating a comfortable space where those individual can be natural and let their vibes flow. It was a true team effort though. Ace (@preshvision on instagram) the videographer did a phenomenal exceuting the shots I wanted and editing the video as well. My boy Peter Villacis came in mad clutch with some help on the lighting allowing me to gear my focus towards the shots"

How did VibeMike.Vso came about? What does VSO stand for? I have seen a few others on social media with the same .VSO, how many of y'all are there?

"After a few projects with the VibesShttOnly team and some lit ass events, Roc's Manager Smooth hit me with the tag and it stuck. VSO is a movement and vibes good or bad, they're what we rely on most and feed off of, so hence VibeShttOnly. There's six of us involved in the core of the conglomerate, But if you fuck with quality music and positive vibes, you already down with VSO. "

Now, I know you were getting into designing shirts last year, are you still doing that or focusing on something more ?

"Yeah last year was my first trial in the fashion game with my boys through our urban streetwear brand Cumulare. It was the first time I saw my art go commercial, so after selling some product I realized all the potential of a career in Art, I just want to be able to continue to exercise my creativity and try new things, plus Vibe Season is here so be ready for more apparel, music, and dope vibes on the way, we hitting the 4th quarter hard!"

How long did it take from the inception of WXLD VXBES to the finish product?

"From the creation of the song Wxld Vxbes by itself to the finish video product was about a month. The whole video of Wxld Vxbes took one night to record."

When can we expect another video from you ?

"We dropping the TracksbyRoc Magnolia VibeMix visual early October so stay tuned."

Now a days we see a lot of young guys get into rapping or hip hop but we don't see much movement. Now you came along with a crew and gain a lot of attraction so fast, what is the difference between you and those other artist ?

"Im fortunate to have crossed pass with the VSO team: such a group of hard working and passionate guys. We're able to compliment each others strengths and weakness with a clear goal. Since we got the vision and substance we're just going to continue to execute and trail blaze in both the music and fashion realms. They gave me the platform to express my creativity and because I'm not satisfied being limited to one creative avenue, my versatility is what I feel separates me as an artist. I challenge myself to learn and excel in a variety of different extremes within art."


Intsgram : @ vibemike.vso

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