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Escaping the Rat Race

We have all seen the ads on IG, Facebook, and even YouTube on Tai Lopez's Lifestyle. We all want that lifestyle but we don't know how to go about it. The simple truth is that it’s quite easy but we are afraid of the unknown. We are afraid of investing and falling flat on our faces. However, you should never be afraid to invest in yourself because whenever you invest in yourself you will never fail.

Thanks to our parents our work ethic is crazy (in a good way). We have the ability to outwork anybody at anything, but why work hard when you can work smart. What I mean by this is that they taught us to go to a 9-5 job and move up the ladder. Fortunately, in this new era of social media you can escape the rat race by building a business through Blogging, YouTube, Facebook videos, etc. After 6-12 months (give or take) of posting and engaging with fans online you can easily quit your 9-5 and have formed your business all from home doing what you love. Transforming your hobby into a career has never been so easy.

Entrepreneurship... such a scary word, am I right? Nope, not at all. When I see the word entrepreneur I see: being your own boss, never clocking in or out, never undervaluing your own worth, setting the price for your products and services, all while doing what you love. Now I'm not saying the road to entrepreneurship will be free of difficulties. There will be times when friends and family have the misconception that you may be in between jobs, struggling to make ends meet, or looking for a handout. The only way to combat this is by knowing your WHY.

WHY, as in the reason you started, the reason you are sick of working for someone else, the reason you need it to work. My reason might be different from yours. My parents worked hard non-stop to support 3 children. My older brother has a family of his own with two jobs, and barely has any time to spend with his family or to visit us (usually on holidays). I see them going home tired and burnt out. I don’t want that for myself. I want to be able to travel and experience new cultures.

My WHY is being able to buy my parents a house and being able to spend time with my kids (once I have them). My WHY is going to keep me focused and determined when no one is on my side of the ring. My WHY will make sure I stay true to myself and to my clients.

My WHY helped me Co-Found Lucrative Agency. We are a digital media marketing company. We take great pride in our services when it comes to marketing and using our online strategies. We bring an authentic strategy to your business to expand website traffic, convert into leads, and increase revenue.

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