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The Essence of Entrepreneurship

In the end, we all know that everyone can be an entrepreneur. Whether you are young, mature or old, you have the ability and the potential to take charge of your life and celebrate your financial independence through entrepreneurship. However, the vocation does not necessarily reach everyone; some prefer stability and therefore, seek a basic position in the private sector and receive tons of orders every day. Others choose the public sector and guarantee a soothing retirement.

Who is a good entrepreneur? Each entrepreneur or future entrepreneur does not have the same motivations to start a business, however, it is possible to find several characteristics common to many of them.

1) Spirit of a Leader When starting a new project or a business, it is quite common to find yourself alone to set it up. This is why a good entrepreneur knows from the beginning how to motivate the different actors, key players that will help you along the way. A leader carries the idea and must, therefore, adhere to it as much as the people who will help with the project. The soul of leader inherent in the personality of entrepreneurs is generally considered, however one is not born a leader, and one becomes one with time and experience. So you will Fail.. a lot but that’s okay, it part of your story to success. It’s part of the process.

“You will fail a lot but that’s okay, it part of your story to success. It’s part of the process.”

2) Taking Risks Any new business is a challenge, a challenge that requires a broad and thorough study of exploitable opportunities beforehand. Taking risk is almost synonymous with entrepreneurship. To start and support your own business, your dreams you will have to put your career, personal finance, and even your health at stake. Long hours for little to minimal results. But we know, as an entrepreneur, that those long hour will be compound and have great massive results (if done properly).

3) Strong Work Ethic Creating a business requires a strong work ethic. Starting a business requires being passionate and having the mental power to be able to devote many hours of work to every aspect of the business. Which includes creating content for different platforms, talking to other business and getting partnerships where it will have a symbiotic connection, among other things. Long hours and hard work are part of the process. Learn how to maximize your time and set up your goals to be able to achieve them effectively. There are a lot of software out in the market that can help automate and help your business, like Hootsuite, Buffer, Nimble etc… Work smart, not hard.

4) Know how to Delegate Initially, yes you will provide a large amount of work for free. However, it is important to know how to delegate your work, because you will not be able to control everything. It is therefore important to surround yourself with people you can count on and trust, people able to go in the same direction as you to create a true culture. Finding a CTO, COO, CFO and so on, people that see your vision and share your passion will definitely lessen the load and burden.

5) Connectivity Competition between companies regardless of the sector in which you invest is ubiquitous and requires efficiency. Thanks to the internet and more specifically to the cloud, there are connected management tools that make it possible to optimize the operation of your business. Free applications to quality paid services; the solutions are many and varied. On the other hand, every entrepreneur is brought to the beginning of the creation of his business to be mobile and flexible. Mobility is a prerogative and has become inherent in the process of business creation. It is especially essential at the beginning of its growth: to get its first clients, to contact its investors, etc. That's why it's important to create and maintain a professional image right from the beginning of your business.

6) Persevere in the event of Failures The success of good entrepreneurs come from the fact that they have been driven, unhinged, focus, and have persevered despite the failures and doubts of some people about the success of the project. You will need to have the stamina of a marathon runner not a sprinter in a 60-meter dash. Just start and keep going.

“You will need to have the stamina of a marathon runner not a sprinter in a 60-meter dash.”

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