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4 Ways to Keep Doing Business During a Storm

"Another day, another dollar" or should I say "another day, another snow storm"? The second time in less than a week, a storm rolled into the Northeast with wet, heavy snow Wednesday morning. A lot of businesses are closed during these storms, potential customers and clients are staying at home, and unfortunately those businesses are missing out on sales/ revenue. These 4 WAYS you can turn your "off day" around from the comfort of your own home. (While watching Netflix with bae).

1- Online Store 🏪

A lot of business don't have an online store 🤔. Let me rephrase that; most Mom and Pop businesses don’t have online stores meanwhile bigger companies and businesses that maintain relevance are on the online marketplace. It causes said Mom and Pop shops to struggle to compete with the bigger companies. Setting up an e-commerce would be beneficial on any day, especially on a day that you have to physically close down the store. Some popular platforms are:, among some others. The whole set up is quite simple and manageable. Monthly fees range from $15-100 a month. I pay $30 monthly on Shopify, so it is a no brainer to use.

2. Social Media

Being home during a storm should be your bread and butter to create more awareness for your business. Attempt to use all social media platforms for your business and post new and engaging content. You could also write a blog (like me :D ), communicate with your fanbase/ customers/ clients, engage with them on questions and concerns. Being able to communicate with them on a personal level will help build a loyal clientele and could possibly create referrals to their friends and family. Perhaps they can share how great your business and customer service is.

3. E-mail Marketing 📧

Knowing how to email market is GREATTTT!!!Every business should know how to generate an email listing. By having a list of client emails you can now provide promotions with discounts and special offers and can usually upsell them to a more expensive item or service. Now, you may think that it would be annoying having to write emails to each individual but there are softwares that will do it for you automatically and personalize them so the customer could feel special and acknowledged. For instance, you can have it say "Stay safe and warm on this snowy day (name), then offer the discount". Trust me

Last but not least

4. Cold Call

Yes, the dreadful cold call. Guess what? There's a storm going on right outside your window, which means most people could possibly be home. Cold calling can help you gain new clients and prospect for the next day. Also, phone calls tend to gain a client’s trust and confidence in your business when speaking to an actual employee or owner of a business.

Those were 4 ways you can use to take advantage of your day off during a snow storm. Remember push forward and through and go for what is yours.

Lets see how we can help your business grow.

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