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Why Social Media is Good For A Brick And Mortar Store

If your business exists in a physical brick & mortar location rather than online, don't be fooled into thinking that social media marketing can't produce powerful results for your business.

Customers are digitally empowered.

In fact, millennials shoppers are going to research you via your online presence (website and social media profile) before they even step foot in your store.

Whether you are a store, restaurant, accommodation or other physical retailer, the chances are very good that your customers are chatting about, writing reviews or taking pictures or videos of your location and product and then sharing them on their social networks.

Even more powerfully, some are taking pictures or videos of themselves in your location having a positive interaction with your product and then sharing it with their network. This is essentially word of mouth advertising, but on a much larger scale, as many people use more than one social media platform and have many followers via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Focus on Social with In-Store Customers

There are plenty of reasons why you should be focusing on increasing social engagement from your physical brick-and- mortar location.

The first is that it will help build your online presence, making your business seem more credible and established. Now, businesses who lack complete social media profiles may be seen as behind on the times, or not caring about connecting with their customers outside of their stores. Since plenty of customers use social media search engines (especially Facebook) to look up information like stores hours with their customers outside of their ѕtores. Since plenty of customers use social media search engines (especially Facebook) to look up information like store hours or reviews, you want your entire page to be a good representative of your business.

This is particularly important when new users discover your brand for the first time ---- a lively page with plenty of engagement will win over their confidence much faster. Which would you rather try ---- a restaurant whose last post was from 2015 and had one like, or its competitor who post three times weekly with tons of engagement like "when are you having more chocolate pie, take some home before they are gone!" and plenty of reviews?

Getting in-store customers to follow you on social media also does several things. It gives you another way of keeping in contact with them, keeping your business at the forefront of their minds. It also allows you to build a community around your brand. Think about gyms who promote in-location competitions, fostering stronger relationships between customers and business and other customers.

While you can hope that customers will like their in-store experience enough that they'll immediately go home and find you on Facebook, that's not the case. They forget, they get distracted, or they just never think of doing it. Because of this, encouraging social engagement in-store is something all local business should do.

The Value of Social to Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Even though most sales are made in-store, buyers do a wealth of pre-purchase research online. Customers should find themselves equally welcome at every step in the buying process, and your messaging should be seamless. There is a definite correlation between promoted tweets, organic tweets, and in-store sales: Nearly half of the people you interact with online will end up making a purchase form your business.

Make a clear and obvious connection between your brand's social media accounts and in-store parties, demonstrations, openings, events, food, products, runway shows, etc. Offering opportunity to take selfies with one of the #hottest items. Connect in-stores sales with social media by creating a hashtag for the event. Advertise it in advance on social media. On the day of the event have signs up you store encouraging people to use the hashtag. This helps make the direct dialog between your store and your social media even stronger.

For information on how Social Media can help your business please visit our site.

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